We have ethical processes to ensure your health comes first.

  • Doctors have the full autonomy to offer you the medical treatment you deserve.
  • Doctors are free to practice medicine without needing to contribute to the bottom-line.
  • Individual clinicians and health care teams behave in a responsible manner and protect confidentiality and privacy of the patients
  • The hospital has a culture which discourages unnecessary investigations and medications.
  • In the event of complex and difficult case, the treating team do not have hesitation in seeking an expert opinion.
  • We provide an accurate account of the clinical condition of the patient for informed decision making by the patient and the relatives.
  • In case of terminal and incurable illness, we offer an option of palliative care
  • Critically ill, terminal patients are afforded greater opportunities to spend time with the family, setting aside the hospital policies.
  • For all invasive interventions, patients and relatives are briefed about the procedure and its consequences.
  • Patient is explained about the cost of treatment in the beginning and informed in the event of the limits being exceeded and a fresh consent is taken.
  • In the event of patient being transferred to other facilities, medical escort is provided and patient is handed over to the appropriate caregiver.

Healthcare with Integrity