“I am a practicing nutritionist based in America. A few months ago my father fell and broke his hip. He underwent a surgery at a top private hospital of Anand. I was not quite happy with its post-surgery care. The facilities lacked basic medical standards. I was surprised to see such carelessness. I was a little reluctant in doing so, because of travel hassles and was worried about his health too. But I went ahead with the decision anyway.

I flew from USA a month back to look after my father. So here I am at Shree Krishna’s Privilege Centre in a small town. But I have to admit, the facilities are truly world-class! I am pleased with the service we are getting – medical, surgical and physiotherapy. My father is extremely happy with the surroundings. He keeps saying that you need your home to cure you from any illness. Staying true to its name, I think it is our ‘privilege’ to receive home-like care here.”

- Son of Mr. Anil Patel, a happy Privilege Gold patient

Mrs. Premlatta Kohli was suffering from Autoimmune encephalitis disease. It is a diverse group of neuro-psychiatric disorders recognized recently, characterized by acute or subacute alteration of consciousness, cognitive decline, seizure, and abnormal movements.

She was admitted to the Privilege Centre a few weeks ago and here she shares her honest-to-God emotional experience of getting treated by our able team of doctors. A heart-rending patient story!

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