Cardiac Care

State-of-the-art health-care, delivered from the heart.

Established in 2008 in collaboration with Chennai’s KM Cherian Heart Foundation, the Bhanubhai & Madhuben Patel Cardiac Centre (BMPCC). Our state-of-the-art BMPCC Cardiac Centre cardiac centre has treated patients of all ages; from a day old child to an 88 year old. Our committed team of cardiologists, surgeons and anaesthetists allows highly personalised care for our patients. The cardiac centre specialties in the treatment of complex cases, which are often refused by other centres and its intervention rates are in line with internationally recognised gold standards. Here, our patients are always reassured of receiving the most appropriate care.

Bhanubhai and Madhuben Patel Cardiac Centre

Established in 2008 in collaboration with Chennai’s KM Cherian Heart Foundation, the Bhanubhai & Madhuben Patel Cardiac Centre (BMPCC).

Adult Cardiac care
  • Key-hole Surgery: Treatment using a single, small incision on the chest
  • Open Heart Surgery:Total arterial CABG and high risk cardiac surgeries
  • Catheter Intervention: Rare cardiac intervention to remove migrated foreign bodies from the heart without surgery
Paediatric Cardiac Care
  • Treatment for pre-term, low weight babies with heart problems from birth
  • ASD, VSD, PDA and TOF surgeries routinely performed
  • Complex arterial switch and double switch surgeries performed with exceptional results

BMPCC offers Angioplasty and cath procedures and services like pacemakers, device closures and coil closures for various adult and paediatric cardiac ailments.

  • Two well-equipped Cardiac Operation Theatres with linear air flow
  • Remote controlled OT tables
  • Drager Fabius Gs Anaesthesia machines with ventilators and monitors
  • Cardio-Pulmonary Bypass (CPB) machines
  • Trans Oesophageal Echocardiography machine
  • Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps (IABP), the latest surgical instruments and disposable gowns and drapes for patient care and safety.
  • A State-of-the-art Flat Panel Cath Lab for angiography
  • NABH accredited labs and imaging services
  • NACO & NABH accredited blood bank
  • Green OT certified OTs
  • Green Hospital awarded set-up
  • NABH accredited medical services
  • NABH Accredited nursing services
ICU Facilities
  • 8-bed post-operative Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with infant warmers, ventilators, monitors, IABP, pacemakers, a nitric oxide delivery system etc.
  • Well-trained ICU and OT staff to take care of neonate, paediatric and adult cardiac patients.
CCU Facilities
  • 8-bed well-functioning Coronary Care Unit (CCU) for the immediate treatment of emergency cardiac patients.
  • Emergency treatments available for Myocardial Infarction (MI), Thrombolysis, Temporary Pacemaker Insertion (TPI), IABP, monitors and ventilators.
  • Outpatient facilities: Electrocardiography, Trans Thoracic and Trans Oesophageal Echocardiography, Tread Mill Test (TMT), Holter Monitoring etc.
  • Cardiac & Vascular Surgeon : Dr. Manish Tiwari
  • Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon -
  • Interventional Cardiologist : Dr. Sunil Karna, Dr. Mahima Chajjer
  • Paediatric Interventional Cardiologist : Dr. Mahesh Bhatt
  • Cardiac Anaesthetist : Dr. Gurprit Panesar, Dr. Kunal Soni, Dr. Kartik Dhami
  • Paediatric Cardiac Intensivist : Dr. Amit Kumar

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