ENT & Eye Care

Treatment for Clear Vision and Hearing, at World-Class Hospital

Watching a child smile. The aroma of freshly cooked food. Listening to music. Life seems incomplete when any of your five senses are affected. At Shree Krishna Hospital's speciality clinics for ENT and Eye care, every aspect of treatment - from oculoplasty to endoscopy of the nose to cochlear implant surgery - is looked after by our team of experts.

  • Oculoplasty Clinic: For treatment of abnormalities related to eyelids, tear duct, eye pit
  • Cornea Clinic: For the problems related to our cornea
  • Squint Clinic: For the check-up and treatment of misalignment of eyes
  • Cochlear Implant: Operation of ear deafness which is generally done before 3 years age of a child.
  • Skull-base surgery: For removal of cancerous or non-cancerous at the base of the skull
  • Deafness Clinic: Check up and Treatment of deafness
  • Endoscopy: For various conditions related to Ear, Nose and Throat
  • Experienced panel of specialists doctors, Audiologist, Speech therapists, Comprehensive Eye Check- up
  • Neonatal Screening Test: For early detection of hearing loss in new borns
  • Green OT Certified OTs
  • Green Hospital Awarded Set-up
  • NABH Accredited Labs & Imaging Services
  • NACO & NABH Accredited Blood Bank
  • NABH Accredited Medical Services
  • NABH Accredited Nursing Services
  • Dr. Girish Mishra
  • Dr. Yojana Sharma
  • Dr. Nimesh Patel
  • Dr. Deepak Chauhan
  • Dr. Samir Bhavsar
  • Dr. Harsha Jani
  • Dr. Devendra Saxena
  • Dr. Chaitali Patel

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